Small Business Marketing

real results. real fast.


Compete with national brands and industry leaders by showing up ABOVE them in search results.


We show your ads only to those people within your service area that are online looking for what you offer.


Your website traffic is verifiable and easy to track so you’ll see the return on your investment from day one.

Targeted Search Traffic

Getting quality visitors to your website that are looking for what you offer when they want it is key and we’ve been doing it for decades.

Premier Placement

You’ll be right up there with the world’s top brands competing for their business.

Geo-Targeting & Scheduling

Showing your ads where and when they are most effective is crucial to your success.

Keyword Discovery

We invest a lot of time finding the most profitable search phrases for your business.

Advanced Techniques

From ad copy to bidding strategies to ad extensions and more, we’ve got you covered.

“Paid Search Ads (PPC), SEO, Business Listings, Facebook Ads, we incorporate all of the most effective platforms and build a custom strategy that meets your needs.”

Example of retargeting on a popular website.

Retargeting Past Visitors

Reach people that have recently visited your website just about everywhere they go from the world’s most poplar websites, like Yahoo & YouTube, to showing up right in their Facebook News Feed.

“Retargeting is easily one of the most effective marketing tools when done correctly. (Watch how we do it when you leave our website.)”

Increased Sales

You’re simply not in business unless you’re actually making sales and closing deals. We’ll work with you to turn website visitors into paying customers & clients.

“Whether you’re selling a product online or services in-person, closing that sale and bringing on that new client is what it’s all about. We’re here to help you make that happen and we will.”

Example of sales graph showing small business sales increasing.

Effective Small Business Marketing Solutions

We’ll develop a custom strategy that fits your needs & meets your goals.



We’ll develop robust Search Campaigns that get you the exposure you need, fast.



We’ll capitalize on the power of social media to show your message to the right people.



We’ll show additional custom ads all over the web to people that have recently visited your website.


We can show your ads to specific zip codes, cities, states, countries, etc… Wherever you want to do business.

Landing Page Optimization

We’ll help you fine tune your message and convert your traffic to customers and clients.

Realtime Traffic Data

You’ll have award winning Google Analytics tracking all of your website traffic 24/7.

Monthly Reporting

A summary of your traffic shows you who’s coming to your site and what they are looking for.

Guaranteed Traffic

No more waiting around hoping people will find you. You will only pay for actual website visits.

Free Setup

There are no additional setup fees or hassles. We take care of everything for one flat rate.

From Non-Profits To Billion Dollar Companies

(and just about everything in-between)

As OM Foundation continued to grow from a start-up to an emerging foundation, we struggled with our development and implementation of a great website and social media awareness. Mike and the team at SmallBizMojo took on our project and have grown these areas tremendously. We know we would be many stages behind where we are if it weren’t for Mike and the rest of the team at SmallBizMojo and we look forward to working together for years to come.

Bonner Paddock

Founder, OM Foundation

SmallBizMojo has been a life changing addition to our law firm. They took the time to understand our needs and customized everything they did for us accordingly. We have gotten more calls than ever before and they continue to be a beam of support for our business. Thank you for everything you do!

Lani Baron, Esq.

Founder & CEO, Alternative Divorce Solutions, Inc.

Mike and Small Biz Mojo have been an absolute pleasure to work with. As an internet start-up and chartering new territory, Mike guided show case in website design, development, social media and advertising. He provided us an efficacious design plan. Not only did he produce exactly what we wanted, he enveloped our business concept and introduced us to innovative strategies and ideas. Small Biz Mojo has partnered with us to the very end with exceptional schooling on internet marketing and know-how on the back end.

Seandra & Melyssa

Founders, show case

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