About Us

Nice To Meet You.

We’ve been at the forefront of internet marketing for two decades with innovative and effective online campaigns that deliver real world results for our clients and we continue to pioneer new marketing concepts.

We are confident that our clients receive the best in customer service and more importantly, the return on investment that makes doing business with us the smartest choice for their marketing dollars.

Mike Sunyich, Founder & CEO

Mike’s passions for advertising and technology collided more than 20 years ago when he took his first trip on The Information Super Highway. The Internet wasn’t much back then, but he recognized the potential and he has definitely enjoyed the ride.

“I make sure that I am personally involved with every one of my client’s projects. I have a great team in place, but bottom line is that this is my company, I am ultimately responsible to deliver results and I love what I do. I eat, drink and breathe marketing and am constantly on the lookout for new technologies and strategies that can benefit my clients. My goal is to make each of my clients’ small businesses a huge success.”

Scott Prince, Business Development

With over 15 years of tech experience and hundreds of happy small business clients under his belt, Scott is the man to not only fill your short term needs, but help you achieve your organization’s long term goals.

Contact Scott to discuss your marketing needs, start-up ideas and partnership proposals.

scott@smallbizmojo.com or (877) 377-3968 Ext. 702

Development Team

I’ve known some of these guys for more than 15 years and it’s great to not just be in touch after all this time, but to be in business together doing what we love. It seems like yesterday we were pulling all-nighters hand-coding page after page of online catalogs of thousands of products. We’ve been at this a long time and we know what works, what doesn’t and what might just be crazy enough to be a huge hit.